Kid Friendly

Montana is the perfect state for your family to enjoy family friendly activities!  There are a wide variety of kid specific attractions and programs in  Missoula, St. Regis, Plains and across Western Montana!  Bring your family to heavens nook for your central base location while you explore all that Montana has to offer!

  • Missoula Montana:  Home of The University Of Montana and the mighty Grizzlies Missoula Montana offers new and exciting adventures every night for your family.  Listen to some live music downtown or tour the University!  Choose from hundreds of restaurants for lunch or dinner!
  • Quinn’s Hot Springs: Located in Paradise Montana,  minutes from Heaven’ Nook, Quinn’s Hot Springs is as kid friendly as they come!   The Hot Springs are  100% natural, geothermal pools individually calibrated to offer a variety of inviting temperatures. Come soak your muscles and relax at a steamy 106 and our coolest mellows out at 89. We also have an ice pool designed to increase heart-rates and improve circulation for those brave enough to take the plunge. 
  • Garnet Ghost Town: Tour Montana’s most in-tact ghost town.  Walk through history, go inside the building to get a true feeling of what life was like a hundred years go!  Garnet Ghost Town is made for kids and family.
  • St. Regis Travel Center: Stop in St Regis gift shop and browse through Montana’s largest gift shop.  Be sure to stop by the free live 360 degree trout aquarium where you can literally crawl inside a one of a kind cylinder to view some beautiful Montana trout.  Don’t forget to get a Huckleberry Milk shake while you are there!